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    Product:72-cell Double Glass Poly Solar Panel
    No.:China Aluminum Frame for
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    Aluminum Frame for 72-cell Double Glass Poly Solar Panel

    Advantage of double glass module:
    - High module conversion efficiency
    - Mechanical load capability up to 5400 Pa
    - Easy installation & handling for various applications
    - Applications Class A, Safety Class II, Fire Rating Class A
    - 30 year - Linear power output
    - 10 year - Material and workmanship

    Now more and more solar companies are using aluminum frame for Double Glass Solar Panel.

    Especially for BIPV solar module and Black frame with black backsheet pv module.

    Problems without frames as below:

    The edges of double glass modules without an aluminum frame are commonly sealed with glue/resin. 
    However, encapsulating materials delaminating or moisture penetrating might happen to some extent. 
    Panel transportation can also result in secondary damage, such as junction box detachment and micro-cracked solar cells.

    Frame Drawing:

    double glass solar panel with black aluminum frame from chinaApplications:

    All types of the power plants, such as ground power stations, rooftop solar plants and floating power plants that are deployed in harsh environments such as desert, seaside and waterfront with high chance of corrosion to the panels. 

    The frame is in great demand now, if any need of these frame, feel free to contact us.

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