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    Product:Ground Mounted Solar Panel Frames
    Product multi-angle display:
    India Marker 40 X 30 Silver Aluminium Frame with 4 Hollow Corner Keys for 250 Watt Solar PV Module


    Product Info:

    Aluminum Profile Specification

    Product name

    Aluminum Solar Frames

    Raw materials

     6063 aluminium alloy


     As per requirement

    Anodized aluminum film thickness

    above 10 μm


    T5 OR T6


    45 angle / 90 angle


    ISO/TS 16949/SGS



    Surface Treatment

    mill finish/polishing/anodizing/power coating/ sand blasting/electrophoresis etc.


    solar panel module assembling


    plastic film wrapping/ EP packing/Kraft paper/carton box/wood pallet etc.


    debufrring all shape edges, none defective


    comply with aluminum association standard


    High corrosion-resistance


    Solar Panel Frames

    1. for solar mounting system

    2. for solar thermal energy

    3. for 100 watt solar panel

    4. for 200 watt solar panel

    5. for 250 watt solar panel

    6. for 300 watt solar panel

    7. for black picture frame

    8. for large picture frames

    Frame Drawing:
    250 Watt Solar PV Module Aluminium Hollow Section , Solar Panel Mounts Extruded Aluminum Framing
    Our Advantage:
    1. Rich Industry Experiences:
    We have over 30 years experience in aluminum extrusion production, and over 10 years in solar panel frame,150 kinds of frame have been developed for a variety of use.
    2. Good Capacity:
    Equipped with 15 automatic extrusion lines,our production capacity above 3000T per month
    3. Quality Management and Control System:
    Having passed the ISO/TS 1694 and SGS certifications, our quality management and control team ensures that every product is manufactured to the highest specifications.
    4. One-stop Service:
    From the inspection of the raw material, extrusion, aging oven treatment, sandblasting, anodizing, film coating, further processing center, packaging; Sam Solar can take care of all of your aluminum extrusion product needs.

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