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    how do solar panels work

    Author : Sam Smith

    Solar energy is a new energy and always be called clean energy or alternative energy.

    In today's climate and increasing environmental concern it is necessary to know how do solar panels work.
    We see solar panels every day, we might even have our own but not many of us can explain how sunlight turns into energy. Actually Solar panels are composed of a number of smaller units called PV cells. Each cell is made up of two specially treated forms of silicon, which is a nonmetallic element with semiconducting properties.

    The solar cell itself is composed of two layers of silicon. Each layer of silicon is treated with other substances to give it either a negative or a positive electrical charge. One layer of silicon has been given a few extra electrons. The second layer has too few electrons.

    As the electrons break free, they all flow toward the area with too few electrons. But because silicon is only a semiconductor and lacks the full conducting capacity of metals, the free electrons can't fill the holes in the second layer. The silicon layers, however, have been sandwiched between metal conductive plates that can take up the electrons. These plates collect the moving electrons, creating an electrical current that can then leave the PV cell through wires. This electrical current can be put directly to use or stored in a battery.Then the sun energy at last convert to the electricity power.
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