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    disadvantages of solar energy

    Author : Sam Smith

    Solar energy has so much advantages, such as convenient, safe, and limitless and so on, but it also has some disadvantages, what are they?
    The solar energy is directly linked to the sun.So the location will largely decide the efficiency of the solar power.
    Areas which remains mostly cloudy and foggy will also produce electricity but at a reduced rate and may require more panels to generate enough electricity for your home. Houses which are covered by trees, landscapes or other buildings may not be suitable enough to produce solar power.

    Although we call the solar energy to be the clean energy.In fact it still cause some pollution during using. Why? Because most of the solar panels are made up of silicon and other toxic metals like mercury, lead and cadmium. Pollution in the environment can also degrade the quality and efficiency of PV cells. New innovative technologies can overcome the worst of these effects till now.

    Unlike other renewable source which can also be operated during night, solar panels prove to be useless during night which means you have to depend on the local utility grid to draw power in the night. Else you can buy solar batteries to store excess power which you can later utilize in the night.

    4.Installation area
    For home users, a solar energy installation may not require huge space but for big companies, a large area is required for the system to be efficient in providing a source of electricity.

    Everything has its two sides.We not only should take advantage of its advantages but also access its disadvantages, because the advantages more than its disadvantages. And using solar energy to generate electricity is one of the greatest achievements by mankind.
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