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    In Japan Skytron Energy Installs Power Plant Control System

    Author : Sam Smith
     Skytron® energy has commissioned its system for monitoring, control and remote supervision of photovoltaic plants on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. With a total capacity of 10.32MW and an annual electricity generation of 11 mill. kWh, the "Date" solar farm, run by operator saferay Pte. Ltd., supplies more than 3,000 Japanese households with clean energy.

    While previous Japanese projects by Skytron energy did not involve any power plant control requirements, the installation could only be connected to grid operator HEPCO's system using the special CDT (Cyclic Digital Data Transmission) remote control interface of service provider Ohkura Electric Co., Ltd.

    "We have relied on Skytron energy's proven technologies for years to monitor and control our power plants. The advantage of the state-of-the-art monitoring system by Skytron energy is to be found precisely in its modular construction, which allows the skycontrol power plant controller to be modified easily. Combined with the complete system solution by Skytron energy – the intelligent combiner boxes, the data logger system, the weather and irradiation sensors and SCADA software – the company not only guarantees trouble-free operation, it also optimises the yields of our solar power plant," says Thomas Gnefkow, Managing Director of saferay Pte. Ltd.

    To implement control using the skycontrol power plant controller, this special remote control interface had to be connected to the system of grid operator HEPCO - Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. "The CDT interface to the grid operator allows it to send setpoint values to the system and receive our operating data reports, which is why we adapted our skycontrol power plant controller to these digital and analogue inputs and outputs. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with Ohkura for HEPCO and the linguistic help from our local support team, everything went smoothly," reports Nicolas Plenge, Regional Sales Head APAC at Skytron energy. To cope with increasing demand in Japan and ensure timely local support there, Skytron energy will open a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan in Q2/2017.

    The "Date" project features the full product range of Skytron energy, guaranteeing maximum plant performance: the skycontrol Pro power plant controller, the skylog® local data logger system, the intelligent ArrayGuard® FH combiner boxes, the skyCONNi-Sun universal weather station and the PVGuard® supervision platform. That allows the entire power plant to be monitored optimally and guarantees maximum plant performance and top returns for investors.
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