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    How KAILUN Aluminum Frame Innovating the Solar Energy Industry

    Author : Sam Smith

    As the leading solar frame manufacturer in China,Kailun Aluminum will still carry on supplying the quality frame for our customer.

    Today,let us talk about the advantage of the solar frame.
    The Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion for Solar Energy as below:

    1.Aluminum extrusion can be used to create a comprehensive framework for solar panels in a variety of situations, including frames, supports and connectors. Products made from aluminum offer numerous benefits over other metal choices:

    2.Aluminum trusses offer a strength that is comparable to heavier steel options so it can maintain the stability needed to resist shifting caused by wind and other stresses on a solar panel array.

    3.Frames and supports generated by aluminum extrusion are lighter than other metals, making them easier to transport and assemble in remote locations that are common for major solar power stations. This lightweight characteristic is also useful for rooftop solar installations where building specifications have limited capacities for supporting the additional weight of the panels and their substructure.

    4.Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, adding to the weather-resistant advantages of these solar panel architectures.

    5.The malleability of aluminum permits flexibility in the design of supports and frames for solar panels. Extruded aluminum tubing can be connected at atypical and exact angles while requiring fewer parts and connections. This provides the necessary accuracy in the alignment of the solar panels for maximum energy yield.

    These beneficial properties have made aluminum extrusion the preferred choice of solar energy initiatives all over the world. The ease of transport and assembly make aluminum infrastructure a cost-effective choice while the design potential contributes to greater efficiency in solar power generation.

    Continual innovations in aluminum extrusion applications are forming a solid foundation for the expansion of green power from solar energy
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