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    Benefits of Creating Shapes with Aluminum Extrusion

    Author : Sam Smith
    Benefits of Creating Shapes with Aluminum Extrusion

    Although other processes can be used for manufacturing custom shape requirements, aluminum extrusion has specific advantages that make it an optimal choice for fabricating certain products.

    Aluminum offers a multitude of design possibilities at economical pricing, facilitating its vast potential for applications.

    Aluminum extrusion is easy to work with when complex cross-sections or shapes that are designed to have non-uniform thickness are required.

    Aluminum extrusion can more easily produce single shape products, bypassing the need for welding or joining, thus reducing the manufacturing costs.

    It is also convenient to include groove and tongue, press, snap or sliding fit, self-tapping features in these extrusions, by specially designing the extruded shapes.

    Applications of Aluminum Extruded Shapes

    In addition to custom shapes, aluminum extrusion also offers standard shapes such as bars, beams, hexes, pipes, rods, Ts, z-bars, etc. These shapes are utilized in both exterior and interior applications, and the industries mentioned below.

    The building and construction industry uses aluminum extrusion shapes in architectural framing, door and window frames, shop fronts, and exterior and roofing cladding.

    The transportation and automotive industries use extruded shapes extensively for railway coaches, automobiles, marine applications and aerospace products.

    Many other commercial, consumer, and public are also common, including conveyors, vending machines and circuit boards.
    The potential uses for aluminum extrusion shapes continue to experience substantial growth, with an increase in the available options and the ability to design dies for specific shapes.
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