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    Aluminum Extrusion Solar Panel Frame

    Author : Sam Smith
    Do you exactly know the advantage of using the aluminum frame for solar panel?

    As the leading solar panel frame manufacturer in China,KAILUN ALUMINUM glad to share these info with you.

    1.Aluminum Extrusion Solar Panel Frame definition:

    Aluminum Extrusion Solar Panel Frame referred to as the Solar Frame; is fixed photovoltaic solar panels for the aluminum alloy components of the framework.

    2.Aluminum Extrusion Solar Panel Frame Uses:

    Fixed solar cells, enhanced strength, long life, easy to transport and install.

    KAILUN professional production of Aluminum Extrusion Solar Panel Frame, the company a complete quality control system to ensure superior product quality; first-class equipment and specialized high-volume production can provide customers with various types of aluminum alloy frame, To ensure prompt delivery, KAILUN welcome customers to discuss cooperation.

    Now,we add the cut view of the solar panel for your better understanding of the aluminum frame.
    cut view of the solar panel
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