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    8 Questions to Ask About Solar Panels Before Installation

    Author : Sam Smith
    If you are interested in the solar energy system and wanna build your own home use solar system,and the 8 questions need to be think about before installation.

    1.How much investment is needed?
    Many customers feel sticker shock at the initial cost of solar panels, the cost could exceed RMB 300,000. When included in the tax credits and exemptions, as well as savings in energy consumption, the cost is significantly reduced.

    2.It can be used in sunny climates?
    Although they work in all climates, it is true that states sun have a greater potential for the implementation of this technology. Some states, including Ningxia, are so sunny that could provide one third of all electricity used in the country.And the film solar panel are more efficient even in the cloudy day.

    3.Need a new roof before installation?
    As long as the roof is in good condition, a competent contractor can install solar panels. Roof replacement after the panels were in place it involves removing, so if your roof needs repair or replacement, it makes sense to take care of the cover before adding the signs.

    4.My roof can bear?
    The panels are connected to a railing system mounted on the roof. A typical residential panel measures 65 inches by 39 inches and is less than two inches thick. Before installing a system on the roof, an experienced entrepreneur will get a structural analysis of the roof and strengthen supervision if necessary.

    5.How much can I save on energy bills?
    While savings may vary, reduce your bill by 70% per month is not uncommon. If you spend RMB 1200 a month in power, this allows you to save about RMB 10,200 per year.

    6.The job of eliminating their need to be on the grid?
    There are solar systems that store energy in large batteries that the customer owns, but most people attach to the network and net metering programs are part of where you are charged for the amount of electricity used to what your panels produce extra energy sent to the grid in exchange for credits during particularly sunny or periods when its use is low.
    7.Are they going to make your ugly roof?
    Given its popularity, it is almost a “fashion” in homes today, especially in sunny countries where technology is rapidly expanding.

    8.Do they need maintenance?
    With no moving parts, solar panels do not require regular maintenance. Many owners rely on rainfall to clean the panels. Modern systems tied into a monitoring software that tells you whether the system has become ineffective due to debris.

    Contact a local contractor Roofing & Solar with solar panels problems
    Before making the switch to solar power, you should have a good understanding of what is involved in this technology. Contact a solar entrepreneur and local coverage to respond to your questions, estimate the equipment costs compared to the savings, and installing solar panels
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